ThreadMark was founded when we realized there wasn’t a single ecommerce platform in the market that delivered an end-to-end solution for made-to-measure clothing. We wanted to create a technology that allowed our clients to share in the exploding customizable clothing sector, without needing to commit huge sums in developing a shirt configurator, setting up a production line and purchasing numerous fabric lines. We decided to invest in all these critical functions and build a truly platform-agnostic solution.

ThreadMark has changed the game. We sit at the intersection of tailoring and technology where we equip brands with an online made-to-measure solution for clothing. We deliver technology, product and logistics whilst handling all the challenges that a complex and specialist sector requires. Our team has decades experience in delivering high quality garments, developing technology and managing global scale logistic operations. Think of us as your digital tailoring department. We fit seamlessly into your business, with no disruption, and simply provide a new revenue stream for you in minimal time. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help launch your own made-to-measure line.


Our mission is very simple- to elevate our brands and retailers into the world of customisable ecommerce. We provide everything to make it happen meaning maximum quality, minimum fuss and no cost at all.